LinkLille: everyone in London!

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“Let’s make our links great again”. This is the slogan launched by the Region, in association with the Comité Grand Lille, the Club Gagnant and their partners, to encourage economic players in Hauts-de-France to promote their region in London.

For your diary: on 20 October 2017 you can be one of the 250 players from Hauts-de-France invited to meet in London. The challenge: highlight the wealth of opportunities in the economic, academic or public spheres otherwise known as “made in” Hauts-de-France and encourage British investors to choose our region. A goal that is already being pursued by the Region, which has several initiatives to attract the British: the “Welcome Home” campaign, the French bid for the European Medicines Agency to relocate to Lille, opening an Hauts-de-France office just a few minutes from the City.

Lets look at the advantages of Hauts-de-France

Located in the heart of Europe, a leading light in several economic sectors, within easy reach of the United Kingdom and a superb quality of life – these are just some of the reasons for moving to Hauts-de-France, that are currently highlighted by the Region to seduce British investors and their families. This target has become strategic since the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union.

On 20 October, make your voice heard and reveal the strengths of Hauts-de-France in front of 500 British entrepreneurs and investors. On the spot, create strong and long lasting relationships with the United Kingdom – even after Brexit!

Would you like to take part in LinkLille? Each participant activates, creates and develops their own network. You must commit to bringing along at least one English contact, personally invited to join us for a meal “with the French”. You don’t have any English contacts? Now’s the time for you to get some!

Find information about LinkLille here, including the programme and reservations.