Meet Rebecca Greenway

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Rebecca is an English teacher in the Jeannine Manuel bilingual school in Marcq-en-Baroeul (59)

What is your background?

I am English but I was born in Switzerland, and I was educated in an international school in Switzerland as my parents were teachers. Then, I completed my higher education in a university in England. Afterwards, I worked for five years in teaching in the south-west of England. However, I wanted to work in a multicultural environment and France always appealed to me due to its cultural richness and its quality of life. So I applied to join the Jeannine Manuel School: I never looked back!

Why did you base yourself in Hauts-de-France? What advantages or parallels have you noticed between Great Britain and this region?

In the past, I lived in the South of France, in the Côte Vermeille and a few years later in Valenciennes. I must admit that my best memories are of the north. I think that this is due to the kindness and openness of the people. This is well known but I can confirm it! I moved to the north for work, but I also needed a change compared to my teaching experience in England. Over the five years I have been in Lille, my quality of life has profoundly improved, I feel very content. There are of course similarities between Great Britain and Hauts-de-France but we all tend to see the differences first of all! My brother lives in London, so one and a half hours from Lille: I do not think I am missing anything! After a weekend in England last week, I can say that the quality of life in France is better than in England.

What are the 3 by-words which define the Hauts-de-France region in your opinion?

Sincere, welcoming and endearing.